High-tech cameras help cops zoom in on criminals

Feb 11, 2014, 06:14 IST | Salil Urunkar

Uniqueness of these cameras is their ability to make out faces of people even in the dark and also licence plate numbers of vehicles that are speeding

Lawbreakers better beware for the Vishrantwadi police is watching, all the time. High-resolution infrared CCTV cameras installed in the vicinity have helped area cops detect serious offences like murder and molestation of women on the roads in recent days.

All eyes: Inspector Sudhakar Kate of Vishrantwadi police station, who was monitoring the footage of CCTV cameras installed in Dhanori area, shared these images. Pic/Mohan Patil

The cameras, with special live and post-recording zooming facility, help police identify numbers of bikes travelling at high speed or in the dark. The installation of such cameras has also resulted in a decline in chain-snatching incidents in the area.

Speaking to MiD DAY, inspector Sudhakar Kate of Vishrantwadi police station said, “We have put up 23 cameras at Bhairavnagar in Dhanori and 6 at Vishrantwadi chowk.

These are the crucial entry-exit points for our jurisdiction. Any person setting foot in the area can be traced with the help of these cameras.”

“The cameras have aided us in preventing and detecting serious crimes. The uniqueness of the equipment is their ability to identify faces of people even when it’s murky, and also licence plate numbers of vehicles that are hustling,” he said.

“A case of molestation of a woman was recently solved with the help of these CCTV cameras. The incident had taken place at 1.30 am near Saibaba Mandir chowk.

The perpetrators were identified from the footage and primary information gathering in the area led us to their hideout. Similarly a murder offence was detected.

The CCTV footage helped us corroborate evidence against the suspects who were spotted with the victim at one location captured in the camera,” Kate added.

No of cameras installed at Bhairavnagar in Dhanori

Cameras put up at Vishrantwadi chowk

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