High tide sweeps away youths bunking college

Jul 14, 2012, 06:46 IST | Sujeet Yadav

Three students died during a picnic at Gorai beach where they had gone after skipping the day's lectures

The merrymaking of a group of college students came to a catastrophic end on Friday morning, when a large wave pulled in all 13, leading to the deaths of three.

Washed away: Ashish Chavan and Sujata Patil drowned in the sea off Gorai beach on Friday

The incident happened around 11.30 am during high tide. A lifeguard and two policemen managed to rescue 10 of the students, but were unable to save the others.

The deceased, who have been identified as Ashish Chavan (19), Sujata Patil (19) and Niraj Singe (20), were second year BCom students at GSS College, Thane and residents of Kapurbawdi.

The group, consisting of eight boys and five girls, had bunked the day’s lecture to go to Gorai beach for a picnic.

Manik Bhakare, senior inspector, Gorai police station, said, “Three students drowned near Gorai beach when they came here for a picnic. One lifeguard and two cops managed to save the remaining 10 students. We have registered a case of accidental death and will hand over the bodies after the post- mortem. They were all students of GSS College and didn’t know how to swim.”

Deep end
He added, “The area where the drowning occurred is a very dangerous point. We had put up a notice board to deter entry. However, people routinely disregard it. These students should not have come to the beach during high tide.”

Eyewitness’ account
“The group arrived at Gorai beach around 9 am for a picnic. Around 11.30 am, a giant wave engulfed the youths and pulled them out to sea,” said a witness.

Body still missing
Police found the corpses of Chavan and Patil, while Singe’s body is yet to be recovered.

Another girl from the group has been admitted to Bhagwati hospital for treatment. 

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