Hilton will take saris and bindis back home

Sep 25, 2011, 07:59 IST | Mauli Singh

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton, in India to launch her line of handbags, charms the media. Says she plans to write a book and would love to do a Hindi film someday

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton, in India to launch her line of handbags, charms the media. Says she plans to write a book and would love to do a Hindi film someday

Two and a half hours late, but Paris Hilton, styled by Rocky S and dressed in a peach off-shoulder Malini Ramani dress, still managed to wow the Indian media with her frank answers and eagerness to pose for the shutterbugs at the launch of her line of handbags and accessories with much fanfare at a suburban hotel on Saturday.

At the press conference, the food spread (candy floss, cookies, donuts,
lollypops and pastries) was organised in pink. Even flowers, curtains
and lights sported different hues of the same colour. PIC/SATYAJIT DESAI

Her global range of handbags and accessories will be available at standalone stores across India, in the next two years.

Abhinav Kumar, CEO, of the firm that handles her brand, told the press, the bags would be 'affordable' at Rs 2,000 to Rs 12,000.

When asked what Paris plans to do during her three day stay in Mumbai, he revealed, "She wants to go and take a look at the city, but we don't know if time will permit that."

Paris, unplugged
The media-savvy fashionista greeted the Indian media with a mandatory 'namaste India' and raved about Indian hospitality and warmth. She diplomatically dismissed rumours of appearing on a talk show with Karan Johar, and of actress Kangna Ranaut being her brand ambassador. "Every time I travel to a new place, people like to make up stories. I don't pay much attention to such rumours. Most of them are untrue. I wish I could do the talk show, but I really don't have time. I am here on a short trip only to promote my brand. Maybe next time."

Although Hilton said she might do a Hindi film if presented with the right opportunity, she denied any plans of bringing her reality show, BFF, to India.

When asked what she would take back from the trip, she responded with a typical, "I will take back good memories for my friends who have never been to India, and a few saris, bindis and jewellery. I also love yoga. I have been doing it for four years." Big surprise there.

Designer Rohit Bal may have said Hilton plays it safe with fashion, but the diva herself feels otherwise. "I have fun with style. I don't like to copy people. I like being a trend setter," she said.

And, yes, she loves her name. "I was not born in Paris. My mom had three options and she settled on this name. I love my name. It's very unique. I even have a best friend named India."

The socialite, actress, model and businesswomen said she enjoys everything she does, but likes being an entrepreneur the most. According to the socialite, she will soon launch her 13th perfume, open new handbag stores all over the world, more hotels, and even "write a book".

All not well?
Meanwhile, although hotel authorities took Hilton's love for the colour pink to another level by organising the food spread (candy floss, cookies, donuts, lollypops, cakes and pastries) at the press conference in the colour, as well as the flowers, curtains and lights in her room, an insider informed us that Hilton was not pleased with the arrangements.

Hilton was supposed to be flown from the airport to the hotel in a helicopter, and taken to a charity event. Since that couldn't be arranged, the charity event was cancelled.

Hotel authorities, however, denied the news. "Paris couldn't attend the charity event because she had to cut short her trip by one day. She is leaving on the night of September 26, as she is supposed to attend an event in the US."

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