Hindu mythology inspires card game

May 20, 2014, 09:40 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Two Indian gamers have taken to crowd-funding, to create a new startegy-based and epic battle-theme game called Maha Yodha, which introduces tales from Hindu mythology

For those who are unaware of strategy-based card games, Maha Yodha, developed by two Indians Chandan Mohanty and Sagar Shankar might be a great way to stimulate your brain cells.

In the card game, Narakasura is portrayed as Maha Yodha
In the card game, Narakasura is portrayed as Maha Yodha

Why is Maha Yodha interesting?
The game borrows from ancient stories from Hindu mythology the Ramayana and the Mahabharata as well as those involving Hindu gods and goddesses and compiles them into a fun and challenging two-person epic-battle themed strategy card game called Maha Yodha. Going by the reviews we’ve come across so far, the game looks interesting.

How is it played?
The game is divided into two decks, each representing a faction Asura or Aditya. Each player starts with 20 lives, and your goal is to bring your opponent's lives to zero. Each faction come with their own set of warriors, gods, demons, weapons and scrolls, featuring legends like Arjuna, and Narkasura.

While the warriors go head to head, players can pair weapon cards to earn bonus points and scroll cards to earn bonus skills, and beat their opponents. The damage is decided based on the difference between the attacking and defense strength of the warriors from the two factions on play at that time.

How you can help?
The game’s artwork is complete, but its makers are looking for funds to take it to the production stage. The game is currently listed on Kickstarter.com where gamers can pledge their support by donating a certain amount.

Log on to www.mahayodha.com

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