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May 28, 2014, 09:52 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Mumbai-based Fusion band, Samved, will be playing a unique confluence of Hindustani Classical and Electronic music on their promotional gig in Pune

Hindustani Classical music with Electronic beats is a rare combination, not just because there are not many artistes doing it, but because the two represent two extreme ends of music styles — one that’s organic and another that’s totally opposite of it. But the experience of listening to this unique confluence is unlike any of them, something Mumbai-based band Samved, will be offering to Punekars this Thursday.

The members of the band, Samved

Ritvik Joe, who makes up the Electronic end of this unique Fusion band along with Electronic artiste KK, says that the band came to be by chance. Joe was jamming with KK, when the latter’s friend Zeeshan dropped by. “While the two of us were playing our EDM tunes, Zeeshan started singing some Hindustani Classical vocals that surprisingly were going very well with the tunes. This is when we decided to give it a try. We sat in our studio and composed our first two songs in two days. As few more of our friends found the idea interesting, we formed a full-fledged band — Samved in 2013,” informs Joe.

Within a year after its formation, Samved succeeded to woo the audience, wherever it performed. Gauging their rise in popularity, the band released their first album, Rlung Ta, just a few days ago. The album has nine songs with vocals in Hindi and Awadhi languages. “We chose Awadhi because most of our bandishes (poems) are available in Awadhi.

These bandishes are as old as 300-400 years,” adds Joe.

For their Pune performance, the band will feature a popular sarangi player with them. “As a band, we always wanted to make room for some rare Indian instruments and sarangi being the rarest instrument (it has only 50 experts all over the world) we decided to make it a part of our performance,” he adds.

Cover of the album, Rlung Ta

Though Samved has a considerable number of fans, Joe believes that convincing more music lovers to listen to their music will always be a tough task. “There is a section of audience who likes plain Hindustani Classical music and there is a section who prefers EDM. People, who are into hardcore Hindustani Classical music, can hardly digest any invasion into it. But so far we have done that effectively, I guess. We hope to get better with time and try to attract not only niche but all audiences towards our music,” he signs off.

The band’s line-up include Ritvik Joe, KK, Zeeshan Khan, Sangeet Mishra, Chandan Raina and Kirti Das.

On May 29, 8 pm onwards
At Hard Rock Café, Koregaon Park.
Call 40158888

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