Hip-Hop goes contemporary

May 02, 2012, 08:14 IST | Dhara vora

This Thursday, French Hip-Hop dancer and choreographer Miguel Nosibor will collaborate with contemporary Indian dancing icon Astad Deboo on an improvisational piece

Leading Indian Contemporary dancer Astad Deboo is known for his performances that merge other dance forms, especially Kathak in his routines. Collaborating with him will be French dancer choreographer Miguel Nosibar, who despite essentially being a Hip-Hop dancer, fuses various dance styles including Jazz, Classical and Contemporary in his performances.

Contemporary Indian dancer Astad Deboo

Indo-French appeal
Nosibar, the founder of French dance company En Phase, will be presenting one of his latest pieces Temps d’arrêt or Time-Out. Through his performance, Nosibar reflects on how his life has shaped up as he urges the audience to take a break form their frenetic life and stop and smell the flowers.

Deboo who is just back in the city after his performance on Tagore (Interpreting Tagore) in Delhi, will be doing a solo titled Sketches. “Sketches comprises of two of my earlier works titled Ahavan and Endless. Endless is about the unending journey of a human being and Ahavan is about blessings in the form of space and body,” shares the dancer who will be flying off to the US for his performance at the Festival of Dance in Seattle and another performance in California.

French dancer, choreographer Miguel Nosibor fuses different schools of dance for his performances

Improvise, on cue
The show will end with an improvisational collaboration between Deboo and Nosibar. This will be Nosibar’s first visit to India. “The performance will be of two artists with different body language. We haven’t met before so we will decide what we will perform when we meet,” says Deboo.
Nosibar had not reached the city by the time this copy went into print.

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