Hippo cuts fisherman's body into two

Aug 13, 2012, 10:39 IST | Agencies

A hippopotamus hit a boat which had a fisherman on board and then killed him in Lake Rweru in Burundi.

A hippopotamus killed a fisherman in Lake Rweru in central Africa's Burundi, reports said.

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The incident took place in a lake in Busoni, in Burundi's northern province of Kirundo, the state-run radio said.

The fisherman was on a fishing boat near the lake shores along with three other fishermen Saturday.

The incident occurred about 200 metres from the shores, when the hippo hit the boat which in turn capsized. The hippo then cut the man into two pieces.

The body parts of the victim have not been discovered.

Recently, another man escaped death after a hippo ran after him on the shores of the lake.

Saturday's victim was the fourth to be killed by hippos in the last six months.

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