Hits, misses and a winner

Jul 20, 2014, 05:02 IST | Kareena Gianani

Treesome Cafe at Andheri has a large, warm al fresco area and two groovy bars. The food, though mostly good, has some bummers, writes Kareena Gianani

Sausage Fest (Rs 240).
The Happy Ending (Rs 225).
Hummus Bums (Rs 175).

A cursory glance at the menu at the new Andheri café, Treesome, reminds us a lot of juvenile high-school jokes and inebriated teens trying to be funny, but does very little to whet our appetite.

The Veggie Mama Burger tastes just as good as it is theatrical
The Veggie Mama Burger tastes just as good as it is theatrical

Hipster lights, al fresco seating and quaint murals of trees on walls give Treesome a cosy vibe and we decide to ignore these smart-alec names of dishes for a while.

Chicken Gangnam Style
Chicken Gangnam Style

The café offers interesting appetisers for non-vegetarians but rather uninspiring ones for the vegetarians (so, even names like Hummus Bums, which is tobasco and pimento hummus served with flat bread, are no saving grace). We order the Barcelona Prawns (R450) and go directly to the burgers for the Veggie Mama (R259). The prawns are fresh and are tossed with cherry tomatoes, jalapenoes and ample ginger in romesco sauce. We find nothing to complain about — the dish tastes good — but we wouldn’t shell out this kind of money for it the second time around.

The Veggie Mama is one drama queen. Four mini burgers sit pretty in an electric green birdcage, flanked by wedges and a Thousand Island dip. Admiration aside, we take a bite and... Pockets of Pleasure, that’s what we’d call them. All that cheeky christening is rubbing off us, we know, but these burgers deserve their due.

Everything from the lentil patty to the cheese sauce, pickled cucumbers and the grilled onion chutney makes this dish the café’s raison d’être for us.

The Chicken Gangnam Style (R220), too, arrives, skewered in four fluted glasses. The chicken is fresh and the Korean sweet chilly and soy combination is a burst of good flavour.

The pizza section, again, screams ‘boring’ when it comes to the veggie options and has more thoughtful options for the carnivores. We go for the The Michaelangelo (R325) and The Chef’s Seafood Special (R450). The former is just your average, forgettable pizza wherein zucchini and eggplant do nothing to lift its taste. At first bite, the seafood one fares better with fish, grilled onion, mushroom scales and pesto, but we soon notice that the fish tastes a tad stale.

Our last dish, Tofu Too (R265) is a Malaysian gravy with tofu and seasonal vegetables, served with burnt garlic rice. Both halves of the dish taste well, but they are not unforgettable like the burger and chicken we had earlier.

Treesome Café’s bars (both inside and out) make it a good post-work option, especially because of its casual, large al-fresco area. It is just three days old when we visit, but the place is already buzzing with patrons. Once it fixes the snags, the café will find its place amid Andheri’s many restaurants all right.

Price: Rs 2,000 meal for two, without alcohol
At: Jewel Shopping Centre, 
Seven Bungalows, Andheri 
Call: 60020202

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