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Oct 03, 2011, 10:12 IST | The Guide Team

Love your beer? Have it with food 'with a twist' from Germany at Olive Beach at this promotion

Love your beer? Have it with food 'with a twist' from Germany at Olive Beach at this promotion

Food: Yummy
Service: Attentive
Ambience: Soothing

This is one place that reveals itself in many different ways every time we visit. On some evenings, it comes alive with raucous chatter, on yet others there is the soft clinking of heels and gentle murmuring. Olive in Chanakyapuri has always been a favourite haunt for a quiet dinner. So when we heard that they were
celebrating the German food festival, we decided to hop over.

We love German cuisine because of the fact that it's healthy and low on spices. Save for sausages, in which mustard is used, the fare is prepared using herbs like parsley, thyme, laurel, chives, black pepper, juniper berries, cardamom among others. Pork, beef and poultry are what keep German cuisine going, along with fishes like trout and carp.

While preparing the menu, the restaurant got ample help from the German embassy with the ambassador and his wife sampling the dishes to check out and guide on authenticity. Chef Saby has, of course, added his touch to some of the dishes. The menu has culled together popular dishes from Germany, and given a twist thereafter.

We picked Maultaschensuppe, a chicken soup with dumplings to which lemon juice and truffle oil had been added (mild and tasty) and Salat mit kaese, grumen pfeffer korner auf radiccio (radiccio and iceberg salad) for appetisers. The salad was served along with a vodka shot and was sweet and tangy.

The Nudeln mit pilzen und spinat (German style handmade pasta with wild mushrooms and spinach) that we were served for main course had a generous helping of mushrooms (which was sourced from the northeast), shitake, truffle oil and Parmesan shaving.

This, we had with Lauwarmer lachs mit mariniertem spargel und avocado mousse that was essentially pan seared salmon, and was quite cheesy.  Then there was Schnitzel mit kartoffelsalat (shallow fried veal slices with traditional potato salad). The sauce was prepared with red wine, paprika, onion, mushroom and cream and was quite yummy. This we had with a shot of German orange vodka.

The dessert, Schokolade-kirsch torte (chocolate cake layered with Bavarian cream and brandy-soaked cherries) was gooey and soft with good dark chocolate and made for a perfect end to the meal. Our tummies said 'happy'!

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