Hold fresh polls to get suspension lifted: IOC to IOA

May 16, 2013, 01:15 IST | IANS

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) yesterday asked the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) to hold free and fair fresh elections if it wants its suspension to be revoked.

The IOC said that they are considering necessary measures to be taken by IOA for getting the suspension removed.  “It is envisaged that the IOA should hold an extraordinary meeting of its members to review its constitution in order to improve its governance and ethics.

This would be followed by a fresh general meeting to elect the new office-bearers of the IOA, based on the newly-revised constitution and the Olympic Charter,” added the statement. The entire process will be closely monitored and supervised by the IOC, which will issue a roadmap for the suspended IOA and all its members to follow.

At the meeting, it was agreed in particular that the drafting of the new sports bill will be undertaken in close coordination with the IOA and the NSFs, and with prior consultation with the IOC to ensure that it will be fully compatible with the principles and rules of the Olympic Movement. 

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