Holi Special: Sucheta Khanna falls target to a prank

Mar 17, 2014, 10:15 IST | A correspondent

Actress got into her vanity van to freshen up after her performance on 'SAB ki Filmy Holi', but she had no idea whatsoever what surprise awaited her outside

Sucheta Khanna aka Indumati from 'Lapataganj – Ek Baar Phir' was a part of a dance performance with the other SAB TV actors for 'SAB Ki Filmy Holi'.

Sucheta Khanna peforms with Rohitash Gaud on 'SAB ki Filmy Holi'
Sucheta Khanna peforms with Rohitash Gaud on 'SAB ki Filmy Holi'

During the act there was a shower of colours on the stage which covered all the dancers in different shades. After the performance, Sucheta decided to quickly freshen up and get into another dress to look prim and proper. When she went to the vanity van for a change of dress, the other SAB TV actors got together and hatched a plan to shower her with colours once again! The moment she stepped out of the trailer a range of colours were showered on her clean dress by all the actors.

Sucheta too got in the fray and showered all the others with the same set of colors. An impromptu celebration of Holi happened out of the blue outside the van.

Sucheta said, “It was hilarious. We all were busy enjoying each other’s performances and I was eager to get back after my performance to join the others. I had no idea that these people are waiting for me to come out of the van and douse me with colour again. I truly enjoyed the colour session which followed after their prank. I showered every one of them with colours as well!”

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