Hollywood stars seem to know what their 'assets' are worth

Mar 15, 2015, 07:53 IST | Nikshubha Garg

When we talk of insurance, few things that instantly come to mind include cars, houses, medical or life insurance. However, for celebrities, insurance policies go way beyond the mundane stuff

When we talk of insurance, few things that instantly come to mind include cars, houses, medical or life insurance. However, for celebrities, insurance policies go way beyond the mundane stuff. Their assets that enhance their appearance are important to them and thus, insuring them is fairly 'normal' for them. The latest to jump on the bandwagon is Taylor Swift who secured her gams for 40 million dollars as she relies heavily on them during her stage performances. We tell you about other celebrities who believe in part-by-part coverage...

Oh, rear
Jennifer Lopez
You might think singers would give anything to protect their vocal chords, but Jennifer Lopez clearly doesn't believe so. JLo, who is famous for her derriere, got it insured for a whopping 27 billion dollars, but she has chosen to remain mum about her butt. Well, looking at the way things are currently headed, JLo and her bottom are looking pretty good.

Ben Turpin
Convinced that his crossed eyes were the key to his silent comedic success, Ben Turpin took out an insurance policy that would pay him $25,000 in the event that his eyes somehow became uncrossed. If his friends are to be believed, then the comedian was so hellbent on making sure his eyes never uncrossed that, he would check a mirror anytime he received a blow to the head to make sure his eyes hadn't strayed in the right direction. Beat that!

Nasal cover
Jimmy Durante
Jimmy Durante's distinctive clipped speech, comic language butchery, songs influenced by jazz and large nose made him one of America's most popular personalities from 1920s to the 1970s. This comedian made so many jokes about his own 'Schnozzola' that it soon became his trademark. So much so that he insured his famous nose for 50,000 dollars in the 1940s.

Pin up stars
Mariah Carey and Heidi Klum
Mariah Carey got her legs insured for one billion dollars. Unbelievable, right? In 2006, Carey won Gillette's 'Legs of a Goddess Award', which apparently was the reason for the hefty cover. Her spokesperson said that the insurance is a reflection of her popularity.
Heidi Klum also insured her long legs for 2.2 million dollars when her modelling career was at its peak. Thanks to a small scar on her left leg, its value is a mere $1 million, while the more-flawless right leg fetched $1.2 million. In an interview a few years ago, the Project Runway host said, "Basically, I was in London, and I had to go to this place where they check out your legs. They would look at them and I had one scar here from when I fell on glass, so this (left leg) isn't as pricey and this (right) one."

Tom Jones
Singer Tom Jones got his chest hair insured for a hefty seven million dollars. Though the singer or his management never confirmed the news, media reports do claim that Llyod's of London took out the policy.

Finger play
Keith Richards
As expected, guitarist Keith Richards insured his middle finger for 1.6 million dollars, should he someday not be able to use it. For playing the guitar, of course. What did you think?

Go bust
Dolly Parton and Madonna
If reports are to be believed, Madonna wanted to insure her breasts for 20 million dollars, but with the lack of interest shown by insurance companies, the singer had to settle for two million dollars. Not bad, huh?
Her music is as famous as her bosom. Dolly Parton, with a 42-inch bustline, insured her assets for 60,000 dollars in 1970. Cut to 2015, her breasts are worth 3.8 million dollars.

That 1,000-watt smile
Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts
is sure pretty, but her smile is her most talked about feature. Keeping this in mind, the Pretty Woman star got it insured for 30 million dollars. A million dollar smile — literally!

Fine tune
Rod Stewart
Fearing that he would lose his voice after undergoing an emergency surgery for thyroid cancer in 2000, Rod Stewart insured his distinctive raspy singing voice for 6 million dollars.

Matter of genes
David Lee Roth
Yes, we are talking about sperms. David Lee Roth was so worried about getting groupies pregnant in the '80s that he insured his sperm for $1 million to cover paternity costs. Should we call this sensible?

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