Holy cow! Man arrested for having sex with animals walks free

Mar 09, 2014, 11:25 IST | Agencies

A man, who was caught trying to have sex with farm animals, has walked free from court

London: A court in London has acquitted a man charged with trying to have sex with animals. A couple, who was on a picnic in a field in Enfield, had spotted Paul Lovell, an information technology worker, following groups of cows and sheep — wearing his socks and shoes.

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Lawrence Stephen, who was with his girlfriend in the field, told the court that Lovell had tried to insert his manhood into a cow’s mouth. The 61-year-old then turned his attention to a herd of sheep where he was trying to get a sex act from them.

Lovell was found guilty of outraging decency by trying to commit sexual acts with animals in public places and was given a suspended sentence earlier. Stephen also spotted Lovell standing almost naked next to a cow.

“He was gesturing to a cow to get its head toward his crotch area. He was trying to thrust his waist toward the cow. He wasn’t successful, they were doing their own thing.”

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