Home alone, carpenter puts himself in 'sticky' situation

Aug 18, 2012, 06:38 IST | Priyanka Dhomse

In a case of sexual experimentation gone awry, man inserts piece of wood through his anus; object gets stuck near his guts, requires surgery to extract it

Doctors at KEM Hospital were left bewildered and stunned when they removed a piece of wood from inside the body of a 46-year-old man. However, finding bizarre items in the bellies of their patients is nothing new for doctors.

severe pain
In deep trouble: After being in severe pain, Vikram Mishra contacted a friend who took him to KEM hospital. Representation pic

However, the case of Vikram Mishra (name changed) was an exception, as the patient himself inserted the piece of wood into his body from his rear.

Mishra (46), a carpenter by profession inserted the 28 cm by 3 cm piece of wood from his rear in an attempt to please himself. On Thursday, when he was admitted to the hospital Mishra finally spilled the beans on how he had managed to get a piece of wood in his stomach.

According to the patient, on Wednesday night, the combination of being home alone at night and feeling frisky led Mishra to insert the stick into his behind. Unfortunately, very soon, he began to develop pain and finally had to call some friends for help on Thursday morning.

“He finally called me and soon we left for hospital and reached KEM in the afternoon,” said a friend in his statement to the police. Once admitted to the hospital, doctors conducted tests and X-rays and found a piece of wood lodged near his guts.

“He did not damage his intestines and on Friday after an operation, we managed to remove the piece of wood,” said Dr N Dalvi, from KEM hospital.

“Mishra himself was not in a condition to speak. So, we have taken the statement of his friend to whom he disclosed the series of events,” said a police officer on condition of anonymity adding, “In a fit of excitement, he inserted the stick through his rear, which accidentally got lodged deep inside and he ended up in severe pain.” 

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