Home Dept desperate to recover documents lost to Mantralaya fire

Sep 07, 2012, 06:51 IST | Ravikiran Deshmukh

Facing major clerical difficulties, the department has appealed to police officers to submit exhaustive details, including personal information and service records

With the Mantralaya fire having destroyed all the crucial documents in its custody, the state home department in charge of the state police machinery is in a royal fix. The department has been asking officers from the Indian Police Service (IPS) to resubmit their service records, but few have paid heed to the call so far. 

Mantralaya blaze

Being the parent department, the home department is expected to maintain original service books, confidential reports, and documents related to promotions, transfers, and personal data of police officers.

Charred: The state home department lost all its records during the Mantralaya blaze, and has no way of providing any data when asked for it

Ever since the fire blazed, however, it has lost all its records, and has no way of providing any data when asked for it. With its back against the wall, the department recently issued a circular appealing to its officers, especially those who are set to retire from service between 2012 to 2016, to submit details in a specified format. In the wake of the fire, the government — through the state DGP — had directed officers to submit attested copies of their personal service books, for approval of pension.

Sources from the department revealed that those officials whose tenure in the IPS has been tainted by controversies or errors stand to gain from the loss of files, and therefore may not cooperate with the diktat. The specified format make sit mandatory for the officers to enter details of suspension from service, if any.  

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