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Aug 30, 2012, 10:56 IST | Soma Das

It might be a small step to put into practice the United Nations' the Clean Up the World campaign. The next time you plan to redesign your home, think different, with eco-friendly options like DecorCoat that is made from cotton thread and recycled paper products, and brings down your carbon footprint

If home redecoration is on your agenda, you might want to skip the usual wallpaper and paint to opt for an eco-friendly option instead. DecorCoat, made using Canadian technology and a hit in the US and Europe, is now being introduced in India by interior design site Kloud9.

Meenakshi Agarwal, owner of DecorCoat draws us into this unique creation: “The DecorCoat wall coating is similar to traditional wallpaper, but is actually a paste made with powder mixed with water and is applied on the walls with special rollers. It can be maintained for about 7-8 years.”

The walls are coated with the eco-friendly DecorCoat 

For the planet
Agarwal completed her Diploma in Commercial Arts in 1985 and worked as a senior executive at a bank till 2005. Early in 2006, she left her job to pursue her passion in interior decoration. Around a year back she converted her hobby into a full-fledged business. In her quest to find eco-friendly solutions, Agarwal researched and came up with the concept of eco-friendly wall décor .

“We were looking for a product which could be fitted in the slot of texture paint and wall paper, would last longer than the two, was affordable and had an edge over texture paint and wallpaper. In the process we came across this product, which is manufactured in China under a China-Canada joint venture with Canadian technology,” adds Agarwal.

The brown-coloured bed panel that lines the wall has been coated with DecorCoat

Material matters
She adds that the DecorCoat is environment-friendly, has no offensive odour and is made of 100% natural fibre. “One can continue to reside in these rooms even as the DecorCoat is being applied on the walls,” she explains.

The raw material that goes into making DécorCoat includes cotton cellulose, cotton thread, recycled paper products, polyester fibre, and coloured plastics, which are raw material for natural and synthetic fiber. It is easy to apply, can hide uneven, old and faded walls, does not attract dust and dirt, allows walls to breathe and is available in vibrant colours. “While it is slightly more expensive than paint, it is cheaper than wallpaper,” concludes Agarwal. 

Did You Know?
Clean Up the World is a community-based environmental campaign (September 16 to 18) to empower communities from across the globe to clean up and conserve their local environment. Organised by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Clean Up the World brings businesses, community groups, schools and governments together in a range of activities. Since the first campaign in 1993, Clean Up the World has inspired 35 million volunteers in 130 countries each year to take action.

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