Homesick youth fakes kidnapping to quit work

Sep 12, 2012, 07:10 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

20-year-old slashed his wrists and sprayed blood on the walls to give it a real sway; cops latched onto his plan after they traced him to his house in Gujarat

A 20-year-old migrant worker was so desperate to get back to his parents in Gujarat that he faked his own kidnapping on Saturday. The young man, Hanjala Maradia, unable to cope with the city’s standard of living intended to leave the city, but dreaded that his employer would berate him on hearing his intention to quit his job. Fearing the wrath of his employer, he hatched a plan by telephoning his boss, and giving him the impression that he was kidnapped and in dire straits.

Gujarat native, Hanjala Maradia
Homesick: Gujarat native, Hanjala Maradia (white kurta), escorted by cops after he faked his own kidnapping. Pic/Jitendra Mallah

Police launched a massive hunt to locate Maradia. After tracing his mobile phone, they tracked him down to his hometown in Palanpur, Gujarat, after which a team comprising of Nirmal Nagar policemen — relieved but baffled — brought him back to the city from Gujarat after they realised the entire episode was staged.

“The boy has been brought back, and we are further investigating the matter. He ran away as he did not want to work in the city and wanted to meet his parents. He is also a little mentally unstable,” said Pandurang Tangadpalle, police inspector with Nirmal Nagar police station.

According to cops, Maradia came to the city a few months back and started working at a shop in Khar (E). After working for some months away from home, he began to miss his hometown. On September 8, while his co-workers who resided with him left for work, Maradia stayed back in the room.

“He then took a kitchen knife and slashed both his arms. He then collected the dripping blood, and sprinkled it on the walls and the door lock,” Ramesh Khankale, senior police inspector at Nirmal Nagar police station.

Cops said that he then went to Santacruz railway station and telephoned his boss saying, ‘Please, please help. These people will kill me anytime.’ He yelled for a few seconds and disconnected the call. The boss rushed to the police station to register a complaint. The cops inspected the room and on seeing the bloodstains they sprung into action.

Police further added that after making the call, Maradia boarded a train to Borivli and from there took a train to Gujarat.  

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