Honeybee attack kills 80-year-old

May 03, 2012, 06:47 IST | Vinay Dalvi

Four elderly women were on their way to a temple when a swarm flew towards them; the eldest among them failed to flee, died a few hours later

An 80-year-old woman was killed and three others injured after honeybees attacked them on Tuesday afternoon in Mulund, as they made their way towards a temple. The group of elderly people who were attacked by the bees included Champaben Thakkar (75), Jayaben Thakkar (58), Ushaben Thakkar (56) and Maniben Laxmi Thakkar (80).

Stung: Ushaben, Jayaben and Champaben were on their way to the temple  when the swarm attacked them. They ran for cover and were unable to help Maniben who died. pics/siddharth dhadve

The four women had reached the Ganpati mandir set in the fire brigade compound on LBS Road, when a swarm of honeybees fell upon them.
“We don’t know who provoked the honeybees from their hive in a nearby tower, but the swarm flew directly towards the four women,” said Mahadeo Gundewadi, assistant commissioner of police from Mulund police station.

“While the others managed to flee, Maniben could not run fast owing to her old age. She was stung by the cluster and fell down,” said Gundewadi.
The attack lasted for a good 15-20 minutes. When they flew away, the women accompanying Maniben reached the spot and found that she had
fallen. They rushed her to the Mulund General Hospital.

Doctors treated her, but she succumbed to the attack after a while. “We suspect that Maniben went into shock when she was attacked by so many bees, and died of a heart attack. But we are awaiting the post-mortem report. The doctors also want to check if Maniben was killed from the poison in the bees’ sting,” added Gundewadi.

“All the women were related. Maniben also had high blood pressure and had come to Devidayal Road to visit her kin. From there they decided to walk to the temple,” said Sunanda Kajure, sub-inspector of Mulund police station. Ushaben, Maniben’s relative who survived the attack, said, “We had gone to the temple when suddenly the honeybees attacked us. Maniben could not flee. When we returned to the spot after the bees had left, she was lying on the floor.”

Narendar Thakkar, son of Jayaben, said, “My mother is out of danger. She has sustained injuries on her face and is recovering. She will be discharged from Dhanwantari Hospital tomorrow.” 

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