Honeymoon over for runaway groom from Australia

Aug 05, 2015, 12:11 IST | Agencies

Murat Shomshe, who fled not only prison, but also his new wife after being released on bail to get married, has been caught after being on the run for more than a week

Melbourne: An Australian man, who became a fugitive after being granted bail to attend his own wedding, has been arrested again on Tuesday morning.

Murat Shomshe
Murat Shomshe has links to motorcycle gangs. He had 470 guests at his wedding. Pic/Victoria Police

The accused, Murat Shomshe, has links to motorcycle gangs and police had warned he could have had access to firearms. He was granted bail after telling a county court judge he feared losing a $6,000 deposit on his wedding venue if he changed the date of the ceremony.

A Victoria police spokeswoman said that Taskforce Fugitive detectives arrested Shomshe at around 10 am on Tuesday in the Melbourne suburb of Campbellfield.

Shomshe had been on the run for a week and according to Victoria police on Monday, posed a significant threat to the public as he has a history of violence and extensive links to biker gangs, police had said on Monday.

Wedding ‘bail’
The 33-year-old fugitive was approved bail after he told a Melbourne court that he would lose a $6,000 deposit if he does not get bail as he had already paid that money for his wedding. However, just two days after the ceremony, he ran away from his bride. Shomshe and his wife Duleski had 470 guests at their wedding. Duleski was set to lose $10,000 she put up as bail money after Shomshe made his temporary escape.

After the bail
He was offered bail but was ordered to face the county court two days later so he could be taken back into custody. Shomshe was meant to surrender to the court last Monday in order to return to custody but instead fled, while his bride, Belinda Duleski, was in the shower.

Before fleeing, he was last seen by police at his home at 6 am on 27 July, hours before his planned court appearance.

“He’s got a bit of a history of offences involving violent assaults, and he’s had previous access to firearms,” Victoria police chief commissioner Graham Ashton said on Monday. At the time of bail being approved, county court judge Richard Maidment had said that the special conditions surrounding Shomshe’s application played a part in the approval of bail.

Ron Iddles, head of the police association said that the decision (of granting weekend) had not only put the public at risk, but members of the police force as well.

Fugitive’s history
Shomshe was due to face trial for charges of reckless conduct endangering life, handling stolen goods and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Shomshe’s release on weekend bail has been widely criticised and has sparked calls for urgent changes to the Bail Act.

The bail amount, deposited by his wife Duleski, against which Shomshe was released

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