Hop on to Hoppipolla for a good meal

Apr 02, 2014, 10:00 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Head to Hoppipolla at Aundh for their delicious grub and cheery ambiance

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When we entered Hoppipolla, we were surprised by the cheerful outdoor seating section. But since it was a hot afternoon, we headed inside and an equally animated environment welcomed us there.


The curious name Hoppipolla means jumping in puddles in Icelandic and hints that the idea is to have fun at the eatery.

At first glance, the black wooden table with wooden chairs didn't look appealing but on a closer look it was apparent that the table was actually a blackboard with a boxful of chalks on it. We liked the idea and started scribbling away.


There were comics to read at the eatery and activities like Pong and Beer Chugatthon as well as fun games — if you visit in groups — such as Jhenga, Uno and Connect 4, are also available.

Considering the weather, we decided to opt for breezy mocktails like Watermelon and Basil Crush and CNC which is an in-house favourite cucumber-based mocktail. Both drinks tasted good.

The outdoor seating area at Hoppipolla
The outdoor seating area at Hoppipolla 

We ordered an array of starters ranging from a non-vegetarian Rasta Chicken and Soul Sticks to baby potatoes stuffed with cumin rub called Cuminator and Cheesienos, which had a soft cheese and jalapenos on a crisp toast.

The non-veg dishes such as Rasta Chicken were appetising but the Cheesienos lacked the desired crisp and had some unblended spices. The Cuminator was more like a homemade stuffed potato but the perfectly blended cumin rub made it a tasty eat.

The indoor seating area at Hoppipolla
The indoor seating area at Hoppipolla 

Being a fan of Nachos, we ordered Totopos (yes, Nachos was the man who invented them and they are really called Totopos), and it ended as one of our favourites at the restaurant.

For the main course we ordered a Pesto Rum which was a delight to eat. The penne and pasta was perfectly mixed with basil, cream and nuts. The dish was well-cooked.


After a delicious lunch, we decided to end the meal on a sweet note. We ordered a Romano Liquor Coffee (with a tinge of vodka) that gave us the kick we needed to keep going in the lazy afternoon.

Overall, Hoppipolla helped us have a fun time with their uncommon interiors, convenient prices and the menus that a liquor lover would enjoy. We can't wait to visit again and try their other dishes.

From 12.30 pm to 11 pm
At ITI Road, behind Mainland China, Aundh.
Call 65601101
Price Rs1,000 for two (approx)

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