Hospital accepts communication gap, denies patient got wrong treatment

Oct 09, 2012, 05:45 IST | Anup Satphale

Sahyadri Hospital promises to take necessary action against errant staff

After a report in MiD DAY yesterday on a malaria patient who said he was treated for dengue at Sahyadri Hospital, the hospital accepted there had been some miscommunication, but maintained that the treatment provided to the patient was not wrong.

Omprakash Chandak was admitted to Sahyadri Hospital in Bibwewadi for malaria and claimed that he got treatment for dengue.

The hospital also served a memo to the people involved in the process and promised to take necessary action against them.

Chandak was admitted to the hospital in Bibwewadi in the afternoon on October 3 and his blood samples were sent for pathological tests. Chandak’s relatives said though malaria vivax was detected on the same day, the hospital did not inform them about it and continued with the previous treatment for more than 24 hours of his hospitalisation.

Dipali Kunjir, operation head of Sahyadri Hospital, said: “We accept miscommunication happened in the case, but I strongly say that there was no wrong treatment given to Omprakash Chandak. If you see the condition of the patient, Chandak, he was discharged after his condition improved and there was also increase in the platelets count.”

Talking about the action taken by the hospital administration in the case, Kunjir said: “We have served show-cause notice to the staff, including the doctor, and have got a reply from them. The hospital administration will take necessary action after going through the case.”

On whether any committee would be formed to look into possible medical negligence, Kunjir said that the hospital administration would take an appropriate decision.

The relatives of Chandak also alleged misbehaviour by the staff, claiming a security guard attempted to snatch a report away and a nurse tried to tear it.

On the issue of misbehaviour, Kunjir said: “When Chandak’s relative raised the alarm, the hospital staff got scared and tried to save the report from being mishandled and misplaced, and that is why they took necessary precaution.”

Dr Shishir Joshi said: “Whatever happened with the patient is totally because of the administration problem and miscommunication in hospital administration. Whatever treatment was given is totally based on symptoms shown by the patient and that was not wrong. We doctors go ahead with the report when we get it.” 

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