Hospital insults bereaved family

Apr 23, 2013, 05:16 IST | Sandip Kolhatkar

The Koregaon police have registered a non-cognizable offence against the management of Ruby Hospital for allegedly using insulting language with the family members of Nitin Mahajan, whose body, in a major goof up by the hospital, was handed over to another family on Sunday morning.

The family members of the deceased including younger brother Sachin Mahajan and sister Sangita Joshi had gone to meet Ruby CEO Bhomi Bhote as the hospital had called them on Monday afternoon. On meeting the family, Bhote used insulting language with the bereaved family.

Grave mistake: Nitin Mahajan’s relatives gather outside Ruby Hall Clinic after the goof-up on Sunday morning. (Below) The story that MiD DAY published yesterday

“We were called by the hospital authorities to have a meeting regarding the compensation and the goof up over the exchange of bodies around 4 pm on Monday,” said Sachin.

He added, “When we went there, we met Dr Sujata Malik, the medical director and she told us to wait in the conference room as Bhote was supposed to come there. As instructed we went inside and waited.”

He further said that when Bhote came, he asked Malik who had come to meet him. “We received a rude shock as Malik simply said that she did not know us and she even did not why we were there,” said Sachin.

“Bhote then used arrogant and insulting language and asked us what we wanted and also asked us what kind of compensation do we need. The behaviour was so strange that we got confused because it was the hospital that called us for the meeting,” said Sachin.

He said that Bhote also told them that the hospital had and there was no need to create an issue out of it. After the incident, the CEO and medical director Sujata Malik went outside and assistant general manager of security Satish Bhatia tried to do some damage control by consoling the family.

Sachin said that after feeling humiliated and insulted, they reached the Koregaon Park police station and complained against the callous behavior of the hospital.

“We have registered a complaint under section 504 of IPC and the management of the hospital will be summoned to the office to see their version tomorrow,” said senior police inspector, Shivaji Kamble. 

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