Hot food on a rocky ride

Aug 15, 2014, 08:09 IST | Kiran Mehta

Hot Rocks BBQ is a unique home delivery service that is open till the wee hours of the morning. The concept is a winner, but has the joint bitten off more than it can chew?

Hot Rocks BBQ
Food: Good
Service: Slow
Ambiance: N/A

In a city that still grudges the midnight curfew, we were happy to discover Hot Rocks BBQ that delivers ‘midnight munchies’, starting from 8 pm till 3 am. With burgers, witches and dogs, munchies, and desserts on the menu, we were tempted and aimed to be the first order of the night.

We dialled the number at 8 pm, but it was switched off. After 20 minutes, we called another number that connected us with Srikar Shetty, co-founder and director of operations, who refused to deliver to Shivaji Park, despite the claim to drop the goods till Juhu, stated on their Facebook page. As per him, they only deliver between Colaba and Worli. He eventually relented to the ‘big order’, and included the cab fare at an extra charge of Rs 250. After all this, the unavailability of desserts was the first of many disappointments that we faced through the night.

The Peanut Butter Burger
(Left) The Peanut Butter Burger was delightful; (right) Bread-way to Heaven was fresh bread stuffed with chicken

The order included a Bread-way to Heaven (Rs 200), a Popeye (Rs 250), one Chilly Fries (Rs 250), one Parmesan Parsley Fries (Rs 150), one Peanut Butter Burger (Rs 300), one Winner Winner (Rs 250), and a Baked-in (Rs 250). Instantaneously, we were told that the order “won’t be possible till 11”.

Food Bag
The food came packed in this bag. Pics/Kiran Mehta

The drama continued when the clock struck one hour before midnight and Popeye, Chilly Fries and Parmesan Parsley Fries were struck off from the bill. We apparently ordered too late! With the refusal of Popeye, the only vegetarian order, one of us was left sore and empty stomached. Ordinary French Fries (Rs 100) was the replacement.

The food arrived, almost on time, in two brown paper bags, wrapped in aluminum foils and butter paper. After a long wait, we bit into the strange but utterly delicious combination of the Peanut Butter Burger that consisted of a beef patty, peanut butter and bacon. An experimenter’s delight, we say.

Next up was The Bread-way to Heaven, which was fresh bread holding shredded chicken, olives, cheese and assorted veggies. The sauces were a mix of tangy and sweet, making the combination utterly delicious. The Winner Winner wasn’t a surprise, as it tasted like a regular chicken burger. The Baked-in (Crispy bacon, ham, cheese and herbs) was a bit over-baked and flashed a burned bun which was actually soggy. The fries too were damp sans basic flavouring of salt and pepper. Though we enjoyed most of our order, the rocky service didn’t live up to the hot quotient of its fare.

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