'How are the Vajroli and Ashwini Mudras performed?'

Mar 13, 2014, 15:42 IST | Dr Prakash Kothari and Rachna Kothari

Clinical sexologist Dr Prakash Kothari and Counseling Psychologist Rachna Kothari answer your sex-related queries

Q. In your column last week, you made a mention of Vajroli and Ashwini Mudras to increase the strength of pelvic muscle which in turn helps the problem of premature ejaculation. How is it performed?
— Help please
A. In Vajroli mudra, a person sits in ‘padmasana’ (the lotus position) or any comfortable meditative asana, places his hands on his knees, closes his eyes, relaxes and breathes through his nose. After a deep inhalation, he holds his breath, and tries to draw the sexual organs upward by pulling and tensing the lower abdomen and contracting the pelvic muscles. These contractions are similar to those when one has an urge to pass urine but tries to hold on for a bit. He holds this for a while and then exhales and relaxes simultaneously. In Ashwini mudra, a person sits in the padmasana or any comfortable meditative position, relaxes the whole body, closes the eyes, inhales deeply, holds the breath, bends the head forward and presses the chin tightly against the chest (chin-lock position). He then contracts the anal sphincter and relaxes, and repeats this procedure three or four times. He then extends the neck (unlocks the chin), exhales, and simultaneously relaxes the anal sphincter. These yogic exercises strengthen the anterior and posterior parts of the pubococcygeus muscles, respectively. Such exercises, when done ten times, every morning and evening, for 8-10 weeks, usually helps to delay the orgasmic reflex.

I am 24 years old. Two years back my right scrotum swelled. I am given medicines. Though swelling reduced, it is still paining me. During the night it appears sagging. It is causing lot of trouble. I am worried.
— Worried
It appears that the infection in your scrotum has still left its autographs. It needs to be eradicated properly. It may be advisable to take a long course of suitable antibiotic under the Urologist’s supervision. Till that time, please wear tight supporting underwear.

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