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Dec 31, 2011, 07:03 IST | Lindsay Pereira

Making sense of the good, bad and often strange trending topics online

Making sense of the good, bad and often strange trending topics online

RJD member Rajniti Prasad tore a copy of the Lokpal Bill and threw it in the Well of the Rajya Sabha. Naturally, this got a lot of tongues wagging on Twitter.

In Rajneil Kamath's words: 'If Anna Hazare has indeed lost some support, the last half hour of the Rajya Sabha and Rajniti Prasad will only rekindle support for him!'
Sooraj Menon tweeted: 'People like Rajniti Prasad should understand the significance of an elected house.

He should understand the true meaning of his first name.' Shiv Aroor had a conspiracy theory in mind: 'Narayanasamy practically offered those sheets of paper to Rajniti Prasad.
Pathetic acting, Congress.' And this amusing aside from someone using the handle Frootifer Vajpayee: 'After Rajniti Prasad, naming kids won't be very difficult. Doctor Kumar for a doctor, Business Singh for an MBA.'

Our representatives?
'Every political party has participated in the Rajya Sabha scam. That's the only way anyone could get away with such a thing.' That tweet from musician Vishal Dadlani summed up the feelings of many in the wake of the Lokpal debate.
Ramesh Gandhi tweeted: 'After watching the debate on TV, I switched to National Geographic to soothe myself with a better bunch of animals.'

Ash Dubey added: 'I hope the last 1-2 hour drama is uploaded to YouTube to preserve it. News channels will remove it for obvious reasons.' And from Meera Sanyal: 'National song silences the Rajya Sabha at midnight. A sad day for India. Everyone is a loser and our faith in our leaders deeply shaken.'


What did 2011 remind you of? These were some examples cited: 'Not all scars show, not all wounds heal,' 'The only person worthy of my attention is myself' and 'Twitter provides the battery that charges many people's arrogance.'

The last word

From filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar: 'Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups!'

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