How to catch a speeding Lamborghini and a Ferrari

Jun 02, 2012, 05:51 IST | Shiva Devnath

Police officials blocked the entry and exit points of a lane in Bandra that the speed demons had entered and nabbed the racers after locals complained of noise pollution

The experience of a flaming red Ferrari and a glowing yellow Lamborghini zipping past you can perhaps only be bettered by getting behind the wheels of one of the sleek machines. However, the speed demons managed to unnerve residents of Carter Road by their zipping and vrooming antics on Thursday. Making the most of the Bharat bandh called by the NDA alliance, two drag racers decided to make the most of the deserted and empty roads in Bandra.

Stopped in tracks: The Lamborghini in the custody of Khar police

Around 4 pm on Thursday, the Ferrari and the Lamborghini launched a series of drag races on Carter Road, zipping past baffled residents and rousing several from their afternoon siesta. The high-octane engines of the speed machines ensured that the presence of the cars did not go unnoticed. Unable to bear the loud screeches and acceleration on the road, residents called up the police to complaint about the noise pollution.
A Lamborghini engine can rev up to approximately 126 dB. “The residents could not bare the loud noise emitted by the cars’ engine and they finally lodged a complaint,” said an officer from Khar police station.

Hot chase
When the police landed up at Carter Road, the two racers tried to dodge the police van and set off into the bylanes of Bandra. What followed was a pursuit that could easily make it to a Bollywood masala flick, albeit a big-budget one, with cops chasing a Ferrari and Lamborghini in the lanes of Bandra.

After a long cat-and-mouse game, the cops finally outwitted the racers and nabbed them. The police blocked the entry and exit points of one of the lanes that the racers had entered, thus arresting them after a long chase. The arrested duo has been identified as Moinuddin Ibrahim Motiwala (32) and Rushabh Pradeep Jain (25). Both Motiwala and Jain raced several times, before the Khar police managed to stop them in their tracks.

“The duo was booked under section 279 of Motor Vehicles Act (rash and negligent driving),” said Senior Police Inspector Mangesh Pote of Khar Police station. The duo was produced in the local court yesterday and is currently out on bail. Vishwas Nangre-Patil, additional commissioner of police, West region, said, “To avoid racers from pulling off stunts at Carter Road, we have tightened our vigil in the area. Irrespective of who they are, all offenders are booked right at the spot.” 

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