How do I tell him that he's not good in bed?

Updated: 20 December, 2017 09:00 IST | Dr Love | Mumbai

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Dr. Love

Dr. LoveWhat's the best way to tell someone that they're not good in bed?

I don't want to hurt my boyfriend's feelings because he may take this as an insult. You have to be honest, because you owe it to yourself. And your boyfriend needs to be told because a lot of people are delusional about how good they are. In short, both of you need to have this conversation.

How can two people in a relationship have such dramatically different views about everything? My wife and I support different political parties. This wasn't a problem before, but over the past few months, she takes any criticism of her preferred party as a personal attack. She insults me, sometimes even in front of my friends, for my political views. I have asked her to stop taking this so seriously, because it will only harm us, but she only appears to be getting more obsessed with the topic. I don't understand why she can't leave politics out of our home, but she doesn't seem to be interested in discussing anything else. It will soon become a crisis if I don't get her to stop. What should I do?

We are, unfortunately for us, at the mercy of politicians who choose to divide us in order to rule us. It's a lot worse now than ever before, because they realise that it distracts us from questions we ought to be asking them. If your wife understands that she's being played, like millions of us are on a daily basis, she may recognise that her family and friends are a little more important than any political party she chooses to support. Groups of people the world over are being torn apart by divergent views because of a few rabid people among us all. I suggest you take the high road here and allow her to support this party until a time comes when she figures out that all politicians, despite what they say, are exactly the same.

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First Published: 20 December, 2017 06:00 IST

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