How this dragon swept India with its spicy cuisine

Feb 28, 2013, 05:21 IST | Soma Das

Tell us about the Golden Dragon's culinary journey over the last four decades; what were the highlights?

1. Tell us about the Golden Dragon’s culinary journey over the last four decades; what were the highlights?
Golden Dragon started in 1973. At the time, we brought a revolutionary change by introducing Sichuan cuisine into India. Since then, Golden Dragon has become a favourite due to the authentic Sichuan cuisine and has also won several awards over the years.

2. What were some of the challenges that you faced over the years?
The biggest challenge was to get cooks from Hong Kong to India as at that time diplomatic efforts were being made to bring about a reconciliation in Indo-Chinese relations. It took some time for Frankie Lam and his team of Hong Kong chefs to find their feet here, but when the Golden Dragon finally opened its doors, its spicy Chinese food proved a revelation. A new standard of Chinese cooking had come to India. It ultimately swept India by its appeal of spicy

The Golden Dragon

3. What can guests expect as part of the 40th year celebrations?
The 40th anniversary is a special occasion for Golden Dragon. At the anniversary celebration, guests can experience the mysticism of the Orient on a platter. At the live kitchen, our chefs will bring to life a special anniversary menu of old favourites. With melt-in-your-mouth dimsums, piquant salads and signature classics such as the Song of the Dragon, Mapo Tofu and Chocolate Dimsums as part of the fare, our anniversary promises to be a celebration of not just the day, but of the senses. For the future, we look forward to pioneering new dining experiences for our guests and rediscovering different part of China and its exotic cuisine. 

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