How functionally fit are you?

Mar 16, 2014, 09:41 IST | Moeena Halim

Test your levels of fitness through 10 fun drills at the P.A.C.E 2014 at Chembur’s Diamond Garden next Sunday

You lift weights in the gym, but can you scale your building’s stairs without huffing and puffing? You may have nailed the shoulder press, but are you agile enough to dodge the speeding motorbike while crossing the street? Rise and shine early on March 23 to catch Quest Functional Fitness’ P.A.C.E 2014, where you can test your levels of complete or true fitness. The concept behind P.A.C.E., which stands for Power, Agility, Core strength, Endurance, is to encourage people to lead a healthier life with the help of functional training.

This exercise with the tyre is for upper body strength

“As opposed to a workout at the gym, where you are likely to concentrate merely on strength training, functional fitness involves non-traditional workouts and activities that are function-related. For instance, we’ll place a massive tyre, get them to squat down and flip it over. The exercise would help them while travelling when they need to haul a heavy suitcase,” explains Mohit Sahni, who has been a proponent of functional training for over five years now. At the event, Chembur’s OLPS School Ground at Diamond Garden will have an obstacle course including 10 drills, which must be completed in the shortest time possible.

Resistance running that marathoners and runners do as a drill

Starting off with a 200 metre dash, the course ends with a Monkey Bar drill. Quest’s Sahni and Vishal Haldavnekar, along with a group of volunteers, will make a note of each participant’s performance.

Mohit Sahni shows a tyre flip, which uses almost all body muscles

At the end of the course, which also includes tyre pulling, agility run and log balance, participants will be presented with a report card telling them where they need to improve. “Someone might nail his 200 metre run, but not do so well in the tyre pulling drill. This will tell us that he or she lacks upper body strength but has a high level of endurance,” reveals Sahni. “Don’t think of this as a competition. It is merely to test your own ability,” he adds.

To register for the event, download the registration form at;
Call: 9819848555

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