How green is my valley

Published: Dec 05, 2012, 09:18 IST | RanjeeT Jadhav |

A forthcoming Earth Mela at Maharashtra Nature Park in Dharavi, is all about rare species and environment awareness

If a picture can say 1,000 words, imagine what 200 pictures could say? A lot, if you go by those calculations. These pictures say good news to environment and wildlife enthusiasts, who will be able to view over 200 photographs of rare and endangered species in the SPROUTS Environment Trust’s Earth Mela 2012.

Members of the Masai tribe of Africa dance. Pic/Pranad Patil

Andaman Green Gecko. Pic/Shyam Ghate

The mela will be held at Maharashtra Nature Park in Dharavi on December 8 and 9. The mela is going to be held with the intention of helping the environment by creating interest and increasing awareness about nature amongst people.

Glory Lily. Pic/Ovee Thorat

Painted Storks. Pic/Dr Arpit Bansal 

The theme for the mela is based on the UN theme of ‘Green Economies’. Flora and fauna at the exhibition includes pictures of the rusty spotted cat, caracal, leopard cat and also many rare species of owl, bats and frogs.

A porcupine's prickly issues. Pic/Dr Dharmendra khandal
A porcupine’s prickly issues. Pic/Dr Dharmendra khandal

SPROUTS director Anand Pendharkar said, “We have been holding this mela for the past four years, with the intention of creating awareness about the importance of nature and why we should protect it. This year, we have selected the Green Economies theme. Along with this, there are various programmes including the human-leopard conflict awareness programme.” 

Grey Slender Loris. Pic/Ashwin HP

In light of the recent human-leopard conflict incidents in Mumbai, a lecture on ‘Living with Leopards’ has also been scheduled in the mela. Biologist and leopard expert, Vidya Athreya, would give the lecture.

Dendrobium. Pic/Pema Bhutia

A film festival will showcase an array of multi-lingual films dealing with society, cultural issues, energy, urbanisation, wildlife, displacement and educational issues. The two-day festival also has nature trails, a bicycle rally and a mini-marathon, and stalls of eco-friendly life-style and essential products. Dr Ninad Raut, Researcher from Wildlife Institute of India, will give a lecture on the importance of saving plants over tigers, too.

Tiger, tiger burning bright. Pic/Neil Mehta 

Hmmm. One does not know if the feline species would roar in approval at that, but, one thing is certain, the foliage would sway gently in the breeze as if in acknowledgement.  

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