How 'Imperial' residents live in Mumbai's twin towers

Apr 20, 2013, 07:27 IST | A Correspondent

Even though the Imperial Towers, a skyscraper complex in Tardeo, is home to city's wealthy and well-known residents, they are made to follow a set of strict rules to ensure that building's facade is not sullied and security system isn't breached

The Imperial, the twin pair of towering high-rises that dominate the SoBo skyline, is home to many of the city’s rich and famous. But unlike the rest of the nation’s population bending over backward to pander to celebrities and their ilk, the security and maintenance staff of the sky-scraper complex in Tardeo make sure that each and every resident of the complex toes their line, irrespective of their social stature or their wealth, and follows a long list of disciplinary measures.

General manager Raj Gandhi and his team manage the high-rise complex located in Tardeo. Gandhi says it was a challenge for him to convince residents about the need for rules. File pics

Balconies are for airing damp clothes and beautifying with pretty potted plants, right? Not if you’re a resident of the Imperial. Hanging clothes up to dry in balconies is a strict no-no in the towers, and attracts a hefty fine. Nor can you aspire towards a few picturesque patches of green, as water from the plants may seep onto the facade of the structure, sullying it.

The Imperial is perhaps the only building in the city that imposes a fine on residents who fail to segregate wet and dry garbage, but has a separate collection system for e-waste altogether. It’s also one of the few buildings in the city that is guarded by several female security guards. General manager Raj Gandhi and his team manage the high-rise complex located in Tardeo, which provides breathtaking views of the sea-face and the racecourse nearby. Obtaining employment at any of the apartments is no mean feat either.

All residents have to supply the manager and his team sundry details of their employees. Once the employee submits a certificate of verification from the police, the manager issues him an identity card, producing which is compulsory to gain entry. IDs are also issued to drivers, maids and servants. Residents are also asked to inform the manager’s office before embarking on vacations, so that the guards can keep a close eye on their apartments.

Gandhi said, “Every day brings a new challenge. It was not difficult to implement these rules amongst residents, who are a mix of Indians and foreigners. It was a challenge for me to convince residents that any rule at the Imperial is implemented solely for the sake of the residents’ comfort. I’ve been working round the clock for almost two years, responding to everyone’s queries. The comfort of residents was the top priority, as was security in the premises.”

The authorities have even initiated a bellboy service and an ATM within the building. A 24x7 helpdesk is always at the service of residents. Gandhi added, “Finally the highest degree of discipline is maintained with the help of every resident’s support, who understand that Imperial is the best place to live in Mumbai, where concerns or any issue is taken care of within a short span of time.”

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