How India could've lost Chhota Rajan to UAE by a whisker

Nov 08, 2015, 06:53 IST | Vinay Dalvi

Police sources say that the Middle Eastern country wants dreaded gangster Chhota Rajan in connection with 1995 murder of Dawood Ibrahim aide Sautya outside Dubai hotel

Had the UAE government’s Red Corner notices against Chhota Rajan reached the Indonesian government on time, the Indian government would have been left looking embarrassed.

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Indonesian police escorted Chhota Rajan from Bali police headquarters to the airport on November 5. pic/afp
Indonesian police escorted Chhota Rajan from Bali police headquarters to the airport on November 5. Pic/AFP

Sources in Mumbai police say that Rajan is wanted in a murder case in the UAE. However, had their government, which is said to be close to fugitive gangster Dawood Ibrahim, laid their hands on Rajan, matters would have become difficult for India.

In 1995, Rajan had murdered, Sunil Sawant alias Sautya, a Dawood aide, outside Hotel Hyatt Regency in Dubai.

It is believed that after Rajan and Dawood split, Sautya killed three of Rajan’s aides — Sanjay Raggad, Diwakar Churi and Naresh Jukkar. It is believed that Sautya was trying to attack rajan as well, but the gangster fled the country. When he found that Sautya and Shakeel would be heading to the Dubai hotel, his aides planned an attack. However, Shakeel who didn’t arrive that day, escaped.

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The three Rajan aide’s who were later arrested got death sentence and now Rajan is wanted in the case. Had the UAE police reacted quickly post Rajan’s arrest, the Bali cops would have had to choose between sending him to India or UAE. The UAE government is also working towards the extradition of Dawood aide, Munna Jhingada alias Syed Muzaffikir Mudassar Hussain, arrested in Thailand for an attack on Rajan. His sentence will be up soon. But, as the Pakistan government has submitted fake documents saying that Jhingada is their citizen, the Thai government deciding whom to hand him over to. Jhingada is an Indian national and wanted in India.

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Meanwhile, a source in the Mumbai police said that the CBI team in Bali seized the phones belonging to the Mumbai team of seven officers. The Mumbai police team comprising DCP Dhanajay Kulkarni and Vinayak Vast, had gone to Bali along with Delhi Police and a CBI team of seven members.

"Once the team reached Bali the police officers phones were seized by the CBI officers and they were given another SIM cards to be used in Bali. A tab was kept on who they were calling and messaging," said a source in Mumbai police.

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