How Kathak can keep you fit

Jul 10, 2012, 11:18 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Kathak dancer Pandit Chitresh Das has devised a combination of Kathak and Yoga to stay fit and burn calories

Kathak Yoga is a technique that unites the trio of mind, body and soul. It is an innovative method where Pandit Chitresh Das has replaced ghungroos with ankle weights and dumbbells to ensure that you undergo a proper workout while maintaining the purity of the Indian classical music and dance. Pandit Chitresh Das pushed all boundaries of human capacity by challenging the mind and the body, ultimately bringing them together to reach the inner spirit.

Pandit Chitresh Das

He had recently organised a workshop in the city for youngsters who want to learn this innovative skill of staying fit. Talking about the technique, Panditji says, “Kathak Yoga was inspired by the sadhus who meditated in the Himalayas for hours in ice cold temperatures.

Kathak is not just a dance form; it involves history, philosophy and highly sophisticated mathematics. Kathak Yoga takes this a few steps further, where the dancer portrays a representation of a singer and musician simultaneously. This helps in developing a very strong focus level for the mind and body, enhances multitasking abilities, while getting a cardiovascular, weight bearing fitness workout.”

Panditji added that Kathak yoga is equally beneficial for people from all age groups whether it is children or women. “It is specifically beneficial for blood circulation, breathing and to improve stamina and endurance of an individual,” he added.

Pandit Das has founded the Chhandam School of Kathak in 1980 in the USA and the Six Bay Area branches alone comprise the largest Indian classical dance institution in North America. Chhandam School of Kathak has additional branches in Kolkata, California, Boston, Tokyo, Canada and in Mumbai. 

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