How public should you go?

Feb 14, 2013, 10:05 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

Some like it subtle, some like it out loud. Urmimala Banerjee tells you how expressive you can get this Valentine's Day

Guys and gals, you surely need to say ‘I love you’ in order to begin, revive or acknowledge your love. And Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to do so. Print, radio and television channels go all out to help you say those magical words. But you must select the medium depending on your guy/gal's personality. Here are some tips for a perfect ‘pyaar ka izhaar’:

Valentine Day sms

If your love is the quiet types, it’s best to express in print. Book a space in his/her favourite newspaper. You can address your love with a code name if you are scared of his/her folks. Or, you can book a space in a paper that his/her family doesn’t read. Print works wonderfully with new lovers as well as first-time lovers.
Partner type: Soft, gentle, romantic

Say it with your favourite song. But let’s remind you that radio channels are choc-a-bloc with dedications on Valentine’s Day, so you really need to call in advance. Try it if your relationship is already known amongst your friends or family members.
Partner type: Fun-loving, expressive, creative

Choose TV for maximum publicity. Add some band-bajaa, flowers, balloons for added effects. However, make sure that your partner will accept something like this, and also that his/her folks will be cool about it. After all, you don’t want your girl to be grounded. A proclamation of love on TV can also enliven your otherwise boring love life.
Partner type: Romantic, carefree, wild, bold

If your partner is a net junkie, create a website just for the two of you, post your dedications on a love blog or put up a video. Not to mention the usual message boards, love coupons and instant messages. This also works if you are in a long distance relationship.
Partner type: Quiet, secretive, possessive

SMS your partner love messages throughout the day. This is good for those whose partners are away or super busy all day long. To create the mood, make sure that you only send romantic messages on Valentine’s Day.
Partner type: Quiet, romantic, responsive  

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