Mumbai: Joint CP warns policemen over taking leaves by producing fake certificates

Feb 04, 2016, 07:42 IST | Vijay Kumar Yadav

Hence, Joint Commissioner of Police (Admin) has issued an order warning of stringent action against medical officers at police hospitals if found issuing fake certificates

The Joint Commissioner of Police, Administration, has warned policemen about taking leave by producing fake certificates from the Nagpada Police hospital. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against medical officers who issue the certificates, and police personnel who seek them. Sources revealed that they have come across several incidents, wherein constables have reported sick with the help of such certificates issued from the Nagpada hospital.

Joint CP Anup Kumar Singh issued the order to curb such practices
Joint CP Anup Kumar Singh issued the order to curb such practices

The department has warned such officers, as well as the doctors, from misusing the medical certificates.

Anup Kumar Singh, the Joint Commissioner, recently issued an order (which mid-day has accessed) to the police surgeon at the Nagpada Police Hospital, stating that the department has learnt that the medical officers working there and at other police hospitals and dispensaries, have been issuing medical certificates for ‘bed rest’ without even examining the police staff.

It’s all ‘managed’
A senior IPS officer said that the policeman who wants to go on leave, ‘manages’ the medical officer at the police hospitals, and gets a certificate for ‘bed rest’ to stay away from duty. By procuring the medical certificate, policemen become eligible for taking sick leaves. Because of this practice the police headquarters, other departments, and police stations are facing manpower crunch issues.

Hence Singh ordered Police Surgeon SM Patil to personally look into the matter. If a medical officer is found issuing a bed rest certificate on demand, then strict disciplinary action will be taken against the officer, the order reads.

“I had learnt that many cops are indulging in such practices, which ultimately affects our manpower. Hence I issued the order to keep a check on this practice. If medical officers really believe that the policeman requires bed rest, then they should admit the cop in the hospital for better medical attention,” Singh told mid-day.

The officer further said that the order intended to give a strong message to medical officers, to avoid indulging in such practices, and also to warn cops who take unnecessary sick leaves.

Doctor speak
Police surgeon Dr SM Patil said, “I have immediately implemented orders given by the Jt CP (admin) and given strict instructions to all the medical officers to stop issuing ‘bed rest’ recommendations. Now only those policemen will be given ‘bed rest’ recommendation who are in actual need of it and deserve it, like those who cannot walk due to an ailment, etc.”

8 days ‘bed rest’ for Rs 500
A cop said that any policeman could take a ‘bed rest’ certificate. Explaining the process of getting the certificate, he said, “Initially the medical officer shows reluctance to issue the certificate, indicating that the work cannot be done for free. He then opens his drawer, following which the policeman puts at least R500 there to get a certificate for 8-days. The amount increases depending upon the number of days for leave.”

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