How to snag a husband by changing your personality

Apr 12, 2013, 10:40 IST | ANI

Those looking to land a husband should make sure that you don't criticize him, encourage him to try new things, or speak your mind, according to a retro dating movie 'Choosing For Happiness.'

The educational 1950s video, which is from a series of films based on Henry A. Bowman’s book ‘Marriage For Moderns,’ talks about college junior Mary, who investigates her senior friend Eve’s struggles to find a steady boyfriend.

“I was amazed that she wasn''t engaged by now,” Mary muses.

Sex and relationships, How to snag a husband by changing your personality
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Mary and Eve revisit what went wrong with Eve’s three most recent beaus -- a womanizing footballer, a student more interested in math than anything else, and an antisocial boat hobbyist.

Mary, who was convinced that Eve herself is the problem, warned her friend that “You can’t make a man over like you do a room.”

The video teaches to change yourself first, if you want a change. 

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