How to survive the Mumbai heat in style

May 05, 2013, 09:27 IST | Kaveri Waghela

A Sunday brunch, a walk on the beach, an evening out � it's time to flaunt those flowing, easy fabrics and some bright tones

May and June are probably the two months when most of Mumbai and indeed India curses the weather and prefers to stay indoors whenever possible. But does that mean no parties, no chilling out on the beach, and no flaunting those washboard abs and perfect curves? And no it also doesn’t mean that you land up at every event in shorts and unbuttoned T-shirts, looking like you fell off the bed!

A model in the lastest Spring- summer 13 collection by designer Rajdeep Ranawat

If summer fashion is about being comfortable, it’s also about dazzling the audience with a combination of bright colours and flowing white. “Fashion in summers is all about something that makes me feel easy and comfortable,” says Rishabh Sahai, an advertising professional. He sums up pretty much what experts all say.

But how does one get that perfect summer look?

Stylish summers
Stiff cotton kurtas in washed out beige and khaki can go take a hike. Comfort dressing is fast acquiring versatility across traditional and western wear. “I like light, gauzy fabrics that are very skin-friendly. I think the prime focus during the summers should be clothes that are low-maintenance yet look classy. The heat doesn’t really allow us to wear something that sticks to our body. So the name of the game is flowing, loose-fitting clothes. Women can opt for dresses made of either cotton or linen. Men should wear a regular fit shirt instead of a slim fit one, as they are more comfortable. Linen half shirts and pants are a must in every man’s wardrobe too.” Says Mumbai-based fashion designer Nimish Shah. And contrary to conventional wisdom of wearing white in summers, some designers now suggest that earth tones work just as well. Senior fashion designer, James Ferreira, who spends agrees. “When I think about summer, I picture something airy, light, easy-to-wear and natural. Rompers are very much in vogue this season. Also, women should wear jewel-toned dresses that give a special dimension to the overall look,” he says.

A striped sundress by Anita Dongre

Layer it up
Layering clothes in summers might sound torturous but a little bit of effort can save you from the blazing heat. Designer Anita Dongre, whose AND and Global Desi labels do great summer collections for women, explains: “There are various ways in which women can achieve a layered but comfortable look.

Try layering a crop top with a light jacket or a cardigan in an extremely breathable fabric like cotton or Liva.” Others like Ferreira believe that the cotton dupatta is the best accessory a girl can have. “A dupatta in lightweight cotton or even maheshwari cotton looks beautiful and can be worn easily with traditional as well western clothing like jeans and dresses,” he suggests.

Top trends
The biggest buzz this season has been prints and pop colours in corals, pinks and blues, but experts say too much of anything is not good. Cautions Shah, “Neon colours don’t always suit everyone. One should mix and match it with lighter, more subdued colours to balance things.”

Rajdeep Ranawat, a Delhi-based fashion designer has a different perspective. “It is easier for women to wear neon colours during the summer. But men should be a bit careful, lest they end up looking too bright and shiny. Even while wearing prints, men should match them with trousers that are subtle and mostly plain,” he says.

But whether its bright neon, subtle earth tones or pristine white, flowing, loose fitting clothes get the thumbs up this summer. Keep it simple we say!

Here is a list of some dos and don’ts that make summer a little more fashion friendly

1. Wear clothes made of cotton, linen, viscose fabrics. These absorb heat and are considered very skin-friendly during summer.
2. Sunglasses are a must. The bigger the frame, the better sun-protection for your eyes!
3. Opt for open toe sandals
4. Women should include orange, lime-green, canary yellow colours in their ensemble as they give a more summery feel!

1. Wear synthetic fabrics. They add more weight to your body and make you feel sweaty
2. Wear a dupatta or a cropped cotton jacket if you are wearing a sleeveless top or a shirt.
3. Wear closed-toe sandals or shoes.
4. Wear black or dark colours since they absorb more heat. 

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