How to be the terminator

Oct 09, 2011, 10:06 IST | The SMD Team

So, your shower is leaking again. This time try not rushing to the plumber. Sunday MiDDAY scavenges the markets to compile a list of DIY items to help you become your own Man Friday

So, your shower is leaking again. This time try not rushing to the plumber. Sunday MiDDAY scavenges the markets to compile a list of DIY items to help you become your own Man Friday

Mother of all kits
Called: Hammer drill machine kit
Talking about kits, this one is the mother of all kits. Just imagine -- 60 pieces in all. This suitcase holds a hacksaw, hammer drill, pliers of all types, a spanner, wire strippers, a measuring tape, knives... the list is endless. You will probably never need to call a plumber or electrician home again.
Available: HomeTown.
Price: Rs 4,046

How to be a cool electrician
Called: Electrician's Tool Kit
This kit comes with a swanky pouch and belt that you can strap across your waist. It may look small (no bigger than a walkie talkie), but open, and behold! There are 22 pieces that according to the company, will solve all your electrical dilemmas. It contains the standard three metre measuring tape, but there's also a multimetre, different types of pliers, a hex key, knifes for cutting wires, a torch, an adjustable crunch and more.  
Available: HomeTown
Price: Rs 4,066

No need to hold the tape
Called: Ranger Digital measuring tape
How about this -- a tapeless tape measure. Bosch's Ranger is a small machine with an LCD display that can measure up to 15 metres. To measure a certain distance, all you have to do is stand at a spot, and point the machine to the other point. A cool red light emanates from the machine, helping you measure the distance.

You won't need to find another person to hold the 'dumb end' of the tape, the measurements will be accurate, right down to the centimeter and however slippery, fire damaged, crumbling or dangerous the room, you don't have to walk across it. Simply point the machine.

Available: HomeTown, 247 Park, LBS Marg, Vikhroli (W), call: 61775200; Also at R Mall, Ghodbunder Road, Thane,
C all: 25842100
Price: Rs 2,190

The flag on your screwdriver
Called: Screwdriver
If you want a plain ol' screwdriver to look cool, the 'American' screwdriver is for you. It costs just Rs 79 and is available in the US flag colour.
Available: HyperCity.
Price: Rs 79

A machine-screw-gun
Called: Makita Autofeed Cordless Screwdriver
Who said one has to drive in a screw, when you can simply gun it. The Makita Auto-Feed Cordless Screwdriver works like a nail gun. Not just that. It feeds screws automatically one after the other, so you don't need to drive screws one-by-one. It has a powerful 12V battery with in-line D-handle design for easy operation and balance. It has a compact design (13-3/8-inch overall length) with easy screw depth adjustment for convenient and consistent depth setting. Comes with a belt clip for attaching to belt or holster.
Price: $269.99 (Rs 12,465 approx.)

A flashlight you can't drop
Called: Glove lite
Hard work doesn't stop when the sun goes down. Forget balancing a torch between your teeth; GLOVE LITE is a flashlight you can't drop. It has super bright, built-in LED and is perfect for low or no-light situations. It's water-resistant and washable, comes with long-lasting batteries and is apparently so comfortable, you can't notice it's there. The company also offers a lifetime warranty.
Price: $19.95 (Rs 921 approx.)

A flashlight-cum-lamp
Called: LED iPod lamp
You can't keep the Chinese out, can you? This one combines two machines into one -- it's a lamp but it is also a flashlight. Add to that the fact that it looks like an iPod. It's light and you can, like a flashlight, carry it anywhere. And like a lamp, you can place it in the dark and switch it on.
Available at: HyperCity, next to Inorbit Mall, Malad Link Road, Malad (W),
C all: 18002097172
Price: Rs 145

How to become a lumberjack
Called: Hitachi Chainsaw CS45EL
We know you can't possibly make a living by becoming a lumberjack in Mumbai, but think about it -- it's the chainsaw. Remember Bruce Campbell chopping off ghosts in Evil Dead or the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Just a tug and the machine roars. The chainsaw is available here, and apparently people use it too. It's light, and can tank up to half a litre of diesel. You just have to figure a reason to buy it, and you'll be cool for life.
Available: HomeTown
Price: Rs 40,000

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