How Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn cope with the media glare

May 14, 2014, 08:42 IST | A Correspondent

Ace golfer Woods' ski-champ gilfriend Lindsey Vonn says persistence to excel in their respective sports helps the couple deal with being constantly in the public eye

Olympic champion skiier Lindsey Vonn has admitted that the public nature of her relationship with Tiger Woods (38) has made things difficult for the couple.

World No 1 golfer Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn. Pics/AFP, Getty Images
World No 1 golfer Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn. Pics/AFP, Getty Images 

Vonn (29) spoke at the recent 2014 White House Correspondents' Dinner. Vonn said that she and and the World No 1 golfer are trying to do everything possible to keep their relationship private and make it work despite the constant media glare.

However, the ski-champ also said that the fact that both are world-beaters in their own sport, helps them cope with the unnecessary stress.

"It's been tough," Vonn told E! News. "Having your life on display is never easy, but what connects us so well is sports and trying to be No 1 in what we do. We have so much in common in that regard. We always come back to that. And no matter what anyone has to say around us, we know who we are."

Woods divorced his wife Elin Nordegren in 2010 following his involvement in a sensational sex scandal. Three years later, in March 2013, Woods announced he was dating Vonn.

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