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Jun 27, 2013, 15:28 IST | Soma Das is a start-up that helps students prepare for standardised tests including CFA, CAT, GMAT and GRE with study partners in their city and advice from former toppers for these high-pressure entrance tests

It was when Akkshay Chugh was trying to clear the GMAT exam, for the second time, while he was an investment banker that the idea to start struck him. “The second time around, I decided to approach my test prep more strategically and study with a partner from work. Turns out he was the person I needed to clear my doubts.

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Studying post a long day’s work was difficult but knowing that I had someone else in the same boat as me kept me going. It made me more disciplined and motivated me to stick to the schedule as we met up three times a week to keep a tab on each other’s progress. I found these attributes to be crucial in preparing for the GMAT,” explains Chugh.

Akkshay Chugh
Akkshay Chugh

The experience made him realise the importance of studying with a partner and he went on to start so that other students could find a StudyPal in their city, preparings for the same test as them.

The site helps students preparing for tests ranging from CA to CFA, CAT, GMAT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT and USMLE, to find study partners and StudyGurus, former test takers who have scored over 90% in their exams. They are in the process of adding more tests based on student requests. Being a global platform, they also cover all the major countries and cities in the world. “Within India, we cover almost all cities and are constantly updating,” explains Chugh.

The choice of the online medium was a natural one, admits Chugh: “An online platform is most beneficial to the student, our main and only customer. It helps students reach out to and connect with other students from across the globe who are doing the same thing, and are able to share resources, tips and ideas.”

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