How to rock a beard

May 03, 2014, 10:10 IST | Ruchika Kher

According to a new survey, men with beards are no longer attractive. However, the guide begs to differ. With many celebrities still rocking the bearded look, there might still be time before facial hair becomes passe

Beard trivia

>> In 1997, Shamsher Singh from Punjab had his beard officially measured at an impressive 1.83 m (6 feet), from the end of the chin to the tip.

>> It is said that during the time of Peter the Great, any Russian man who had a beard was required to pay a special tax.

Ben Affleck Pic/AFP Ryan Gosling. Pic/AFP 
Ben Affleck, Ryan Gosling. Pics/AFP and Ranbir Kapoor. Pic/Sameer Markande

>> High ranking Egyptions dyed their beards and plaited them with gold threads.

>> Scientists believe that prehistoric men sported beards for three reasons — warmth, intimidation and protection against blows to the face.

Hugh Jackman. Pic/AFP Johnny Depp. Pic/AFP Shekhar Kapoor. Pic/Satyajit DesaiHugh Jackman and Johnny Depp. Pics /AFP and Shekhar Kapoor. Pic/Satyajit Desai

>> Beards were considered to be dangerous in hand-to-hand combat. Hence, Alexander the Great made all his soldiers shave before the battle of Ardela, though some let their hair grow long in the back, to show they had no fear of being grabbed from behind.

Amitabh Bachchan. Pic/Shadab Khan Arjun Kapoor. Pic/Yogen Shah Aditya Roy Kapoor. Pic/Satyajit Desai
Amitabh Bachchan. Pic/Shadab Khan, Arjun Kapoor. Pic/Yogen Shah and Aditya Roy Kapoor. Pic/Satyajit Desai

>> Pogonophobia refers to an abnormal and persistent fear of beards or people with beards.

What the expert says

Jawed Habib, celebrity hairstylistJawed Habib, celebrity hairstylist

Best jawline for a bearded look
A thin jawline is most suitable to sport a beared style.

Perfect length for a bearded look
There is nothing like a specific style or length. All you have to take care of is to trim the beard properly and maintain the required shape and size.

Beard alert
Regular trimming of the beard is very important. One needs to take professional help for it, like in the case of a haircut. You cannot do it properly yourself.

Fashion fatigue for beards
As any fashion, there is a cycle for everything. Hence, a bearded look is not long-lasting either, especially for most men in India.

More about the survey
In a recent survey by University of New South Wales, scientists came to the conclusion that we may have reached “peak beard” with the popularity of facial hair. This means that the beard is no longer unusual enough to be attractive.

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