How to wear your shoes right, especially during the monsoon

Jul 19, 2013, 13:23 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

After damp feet woes and soggy shoes, The GUIDE suggests helpful tips on being stylish, comfy and dry on all occasions, from interviews to casual social outings

Fashion is all about being dressed correctly and comfortably from head to toe. Unfortunately, with the sale season on, most of us end up spending most of our savings from head to knee, but being well-heeled gets only cracked by a few!

While scuttling towards targets, we suggest make sure that the body part with all the weight gets its due with the right and comfortable shoes. To solve toe blues and monsoon woes, The GUIDE churns out a few handy tips on how to wear your shoes right, especially during the monsoon.

For a formal meeting
Crucial times like an interview proves to be highly testing as you need to be careful about the impression your appearance makes. Right from your hair to your shoes, everything is under the scanner. Yogesh Patgaonkar, Executive Vice President — HR, Zensar, says, “I feel that one must wear shoes that make you feel comfortable in order to give a confident picture to the interviewer. As a sure option, try the safer way of choosing semi-formal shoes as they will be suitable for any kind of interview. If the person taking the interview is friendly and affable, then the kind of shoes you wear won’t matter greatly. However, if you are looking to impress, the semi-formals will give a confident but relaxed message to your potential boss”.

As a means of experimenattion, men can try to match their accessories, for instance, their wallet or belt with the colour of their footwear. Black and brown being classical colours can never go out of fashion and hardly go wrong on a formal meeting.

It’s date-time!
Casual evenings or outings are the best time to try out new and different fashion trends. On such occasions, you do not need to worry about perfection or dressing to the T! But on dates looks matter the most. In fact, it’s importance is so much so that your potential partner can eventually make or break the relationship on the basis of it.

While guys should keep it playful on a date by perhaps wearing something like sneakers on the occasion; girls should avoid pencil heels if they are not comfortable in them. Instead, opt for blocked heels that will aid you in walking with ease and flawlessly. Brand new shoes on the first date are an absolute no-no. Nothing is worse than a shoe bite and it can ruin your evening for sure.

Semi-formal shoes at One Hundred Degrees

The right choice
With the downpour all around us, submerging your manicured feet, find respite in the most dependable and coverage-giving gumboots. Coloured gumboots are a real eye-catcher. The other trendy option is to slip your feet in printed ones that will surely snazz up any outfit.

Go flat
Slippery surface in the current season is usually a common cause for complaint. So for your own safety, avoid heels and go for flip-flops, plastic footwear and Crocs. Even on a formal outfit, you can wear something that can be well fitted to your feet with straps and is made of slip-resistant material. Go for peep-toes or open toes that can be more helpful to let dry your feet quickly. And lastly, strictly avoid leather at all costs.

Buckle it right
>>Colours attract, but consider the occasion before donning anything that is bright in colour. For e.g., red shoes in an interview will definitely make you look garish, especially in a formal set-up.

>>Go through the latest magazines to keep up with the current trends. Though comfort is more important than fashion, you can stay in your comfort zone and still be trendy.

>>Do not go too off-beat with your choice of shoes if you are wearing an outfit for a special occasion. Pair your shoes with your overall attire. While on dresses, stilettos as well as peep-toes will look good but it depends on your attire.

>>Do try to match your shoes (colour/design) with the accessories you are wearing like belts and purses. 

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