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Oct 16, 2011, 08:25 IST | Sandhya Mridul

I'm a 29 year-old who had an arranged marriage with a man based in the West Indies.

Hi Sandhya,
I'm a 29 year-old who had an arranged marriage with a man based in the West Indies. I stayed with my husband for only three months, which were hell for me, before returning to Mumbai. My husband has a sex addiction. I even caught him red-handed, trying to get physical with his mother.

It's sick, and neither show any repentance for it. My husband treated me like a servant even when I would come back from a hard day's work. Although I've returned to Mumbai now, I'm in a financial mess. I haven't had a job, and have been borrowing from my sister. I want to get a divorce but I'm scared of that divorcee tag and fear that I will never find someone else. What should I do?
Thanks, ABC

Dear ABC
Your husband is a sick man and leaving him is the best thing you've done for yourself! You definitely need to get that divorce and close that chapter of your life.

Put it behind you and move on. As far as worrying about some stupid tag, please ask yourself this. Would you rather be a divorcee or an unhappy, pathetic suffering soul? Also many divorced people are very happy and quite a few remarried too. If you really want to be married again it will happen. Decisions cannot be made on what will or won't happen. Decisions are made in the now.

Get yourself together and make some changes. Figure out what you want to do and look for some work to keep you busy and earning. I'm sure your sister doesn't mind supporting you, that's what family does. But for your sake and hers you need to get an occupation.

So be courageous and move forward with a smile and heaps of hope and faith!
Love, Sandhya

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