Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut controversy: The case of the missing laptop

Apr 07, 2016, 08:40 IST | Shubha Shetty Saha

Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut case is getting messier by the day. It appears both parties have reached a deadlock and an elusive laptop seems to hold the key to untangle the mess

The Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut case is getting messier by the day. It appears both parties have reached a deadlock, from which an immediate solution seems almost impossible. And an elusive laptop seems to hold the key to untangle the mess.

Hrithik Roshan (Pic/Shadab Khan) and Kangana Ranaut
Hrithik Roshan (Pic/Shadab Khan) and Kangana Ranaut

Those close to Hrithik believe that a lot depends on the submission of a laptop that Kangana apparently owns, which he is hoping will provide all evidence required to prove his innocence in the whole controversy that erupted since he sent a legal notice to the actress on February 26.

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For the uninitiated, Hrithik had filed a case with the cyber crime cell of Mumbai Police in December 2014 about an impostor who stole his identity to chat with a "fan". Last month, he lodged an FIR against the said impostor, this time mentioning Kangana's name as the witness. He claimed that the impersonator spoke to Kangana on his behalf and she could be used as a witness.

Sources close to Hrithik say that he wants to speed up the process for two important things: one, he obviously wants the impostor to be apprehended before he does more damage, and two, he claims to have had no relationship with Kangana and it was the impostor who got her thinking that the two were in a relationship.

Sources also suggest that the cyber crime cell wants Kangana's laptop so that they can find out the source from which the impostor has sent those mails, but she is not willing to submit the laptop yet.Hrithik's friends say that he is justifiably upset with the fact that she is not coming forward to help him nab the impostor, who in a way "cheated" her too.

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They have accused Kangana of trying to evade cyber cops, even though they have sent her a request to appear as witness and bring her laptop along with her. They say, "All they need is a bit of a help from her so that Hrithik's issue gets sorted."

However, the issue takes an interesting turn because sources close to Kangana claim that she has never even got any intimation from the cyber crime cell asking for the laptop. A friend of the actress says,

"In fact, Kangana and her lawyer have been trying to contact the cell since the last four days, but they are not entertaining any calls. Kangana has every right to read the FIR in which her name is mentioned before she decides to co-operate with them. She is trying to get the copy of the FIR which, unfortunately, she has not been able to get hold of."

They also insist that Kangana wants to put an end to the whole drama and move on. "However, she's not ready to go to the cyber crime cell on principle. She's not the one who went to them complaining about the impostor because she is not sure if there was an impostor in the first place. She still believes that it was Hrithik who was chatting with her all these days.

Also, Hrithik filed the FIR without her consent and named her as the witness in the case. Doesn't she have the right to ask cops to show her the contents of the FIR? Only then can she decide if she wants to help them," adds the friend.

After we got in touch with Kangana's lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee, he sent us a statement, excerpts of which read: "I would like to make it absolutely clear that my client dealing with any impostor through e-mails was never the subject matter ever, and therefore, she is not worried about it. This so-called impostor has been given importance by Mr Hrithik Roshan and his team to only deviate from the subject matter, and because of their willful failure to act on my reply-cum-counter notice or reply to the same within the period of seven days, as was required."

When contacted, Cyber Cell DCP Rajkumar chose not to comment on the story.

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