Hrithik Roshan donates 25 lakhs for Uttarakhand flood victims

Jul 10, 2013, 15:31 IST | PTI

The actor generously contributed towards Aamir Khan's donation drive initiated for the Uttarakhand flood victims

"One must do what one can to help others in need. It must become part of your belief system and must start at home. Also, I believe one must talk about his charities. The old belief of 'self-glorification' giving and not talking about it does not serve the higher purpose of teaching people to give and propagating the ideal," Hrithik said.

Hrithik Roshan
Hrithik Roshan

"We must set examples so that others may follow. Among all the negatives in the world, the positives must not go unnoticed," he said.

Hrithik thanked Aamir Khan for starting this initiative of donation. As Aamir initiated a drive for collecting funds for the flood victims of Uttarakhand, the industry joined in to show its support. He started off with his own donation of reportedly Rs 25 lakh. Hrithik made sure that the cheque reached Aamir a day before he went in for his brain surgery. 

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