Hrithik Roshan's brain surgery successful

Jul 08, 2013, 00:42 IST | Anuradha Varanasi

Hrithik Roshan was admitted to Hinduja Hospital in Mahim at 10 pm on Saturday

The surgery commenced at 2.15 pm. Dr B K Mishra, consultant neurosurgeon at the hospital, conducted a minimally invasive surgical procedure known as subdural evacuating port system or burr hole to remove a clot formed between the skull’s external membrane (dura mater) and the brain.

“Hrithik was admitted on Saturday night for the surgery which was scheduled for Sunday afternoon a week ago. The clot formed due to an old head injury he sustained two months ago while shooting of one of his films,” said Dr Mishra. “This is a fairly common procedure used for removing the clot and it went quite smoothly. He was conscious the entire time as local anaesthesia was administered,” he added. “The clot was formed on the left side between his skull and brain. A high speed drill system was used after which the clot was removed,” said Dr Mishra.

The actor will be kept under observation in the hospital for another three to four days.

As it was a sub-acute clot, doctors said that it will take another four weeks for him to recover from the procedure.

While the surgery was being conducted, the actor’s family members were present in the hospital, including his wife Sussanne Roshan, his children and his father Rakesh Roshan.

Expert speak
Dr Atul Goel, head of neurosurgery department in Parel’s KEM Hospital said, “In cases of trauma caused by head injury, there tends to be blood collection outside the brain. Removing it involves a minor procedure to drain the clots that are caused by injuries over two to three weeks old. “In the case of acute clots, this procedure can’t be used as they are more severe and require major surgery to save the patient.”

Dr Alok Sharma, head of neurosurgery department at Sion Hospital said, “The drill makes a hole in the patient’s skull till the dura mater or outer-most membrane protecting the brain. We then use a knife to make cuts through the membranes. Following that, the clots are drained out of the space between the skull and brain.

In an acute case, which is the most severe, it occurs immediately after a mishap and can result in a patient slipping into a coma and even death,” informed Dr Sharma.

Dr Deepu Banerji, consultant neurosurgeon at Fortis Hospital, said, “This is usually caused due to minor trauma that results in a vein snapping, that eventually results in highly concentrated blood getting trapped, that changes to a liquid state in two to three weeks,” said Dr Banerji.

One or two holes of 7-11 cms in size are created through the skull to drain out the blood. Such patients usually complain of symptoms like headaches, drowsiness and weakness.

Rakesh roshan, father and filmmaker
The surgery is over and Hrithik is fine. He should be out of the hospital in the next 48 hours.

Sussanne, Hrithik’s wife
Thank you for all your love and concern, Hrithik has come out of the surgery stronger than ever before. Gratitude and love to all of you for all your good wishes and prayers for him,”

Hrithik, in a Facebook post before surgery
Minor brain surgery to remove blood clot. Should be rock n rolling by evening! U guys have a great day too! Supersonic!! 

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