HSC marks lists make it to junior colleges

Jun 11, 2014, 05:24 IST | A Correspondent

Along with results, the Pune divisional board also published a detailed list of subject toppers, who got scholarships

The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) distributed the HSC mark list to junior colleges last afternoon, bringing to a close months of nail-biting suspense for examinees. Along with results, the Pune divisional board also published a list of subject toppers, who have received scholarships from the board.

A total of three students of Fergusson College are among the toppers. Aditi Hebalkar topped English language in Pune division, with a score of 93 out of 100. β€œIt was really unexpected for me. Sanskrit and German languages are my favourite. English is the first language, so I had not expected to get such high marks,” said Aditi, a student of Fergusson College who wants to pursue Psychology in the same college.

Dyanada Joshi topped the division in Mathematics, with a full score. Her overall score is 93.69 per cent. Tanmay Khare, a student of Fergusson College, topped Chemistry. He wants to pursue a career in engineering, having already appeared for JEE Mains. He has also been shortlisted for JEE advanced. β€œI am not sure if I am going to qualify for JEE advanced. But even if I do not get into IIT, I will study engineering,” he said.

Chaitanya Tappu of Modern College got highest marks in Computer Science, scoring 199/200. Chaitanya is preparing for the international mathematics Olympiad, where he is part of a six member team chosen from across the country. Suyash Apte, who is partially blind, scored 76.6 per cent in HSC, making his family and college proud. A student of Fergusson College, Suyash wants to pursue a psychology a degree.

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