HSC student injures writing hand; hospital fears he attempted suicide

Mar 01, 2014, 09:04 IST | Kranti Vibhute

Furqan Meerza fell and wounded his left hand three days before his next exam; hospital asked his parents to get a letter from police that it was not a suicide attempt

If appearing for board exams wasn’t nerve-wracking enough for Furqan Meerza, the HSC student met with an accident at home, on February 25. Unluckily for him, he injured his left hand, the one he uses to write with, three days before he was due to appear for his Sociology paper.

Furqan Meerza took his Sociology exam with the help of a writer on Friday, after injuring his left hand three days back
Furqan Meerza took his Sociology exam with the help of a writer on Friday, after injuring his left hand three days back

While walking in his house at Mira Road on Tuesday, Furqan slipped on the floor. As he fell, his left hand came down on a glass showcase that broke, and shards of glass cut his forearm. Bleeding profusely, his parents rushed him to the nearby Sai Krupa Hospital.

As hospitals have observed frequent cases of suicide during board exams, the authorities at Sai Krupa asked Furqan’s family to get a statement from the police that the incident was an accident and not a suicide attempt. Furqan said, “Doctors thought I had tried to kill myself, as I am appearing for my board exams.

My father had to get an NOC from the police station and submit it to the hospital.” The HSC student had to undergo surgery on his forearm the next day and he received stitches for the cuts. The doctors advised him to rest his hand for at least a week.

Down, but not out
Fortunately for Furqan, authorities at the state board office were available on February 27. They helped him complete all formalities to allow a writer for his Sociology paper the next day. His college, St Andrews, and his centre at Rizvi College, Bandra helped ensure that he could appear for his paper with a writer.

Furqan’s father, Najamuddin Meerza said, “It was really an unfortunate incident that happened to my son during his exams. Thankfully, the board office was very cooperative and they helped him get a letter for his centre to assign a writer.

Luckily there is a standard IX student living near Bandra, who could be called on short notice.” The vice-principal of Rizvi College, K Verghese, confirmed that they received a request of a writer for Furqan, who after submitting all the necessary documents was allowed one for his exam.

>> Shards of glass cut his forearm after the 17-year-old fell in his home
>> Hospital requested an NOC from police stating it wasn’t a suicide attempt
>> Luckily, he got a writer for his next exam on short notice

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