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Sep 27, 2011, 11:23 IST | Samreen Khoja

Check out 13 year-old budding artist Tabea Pawar's solo exhibition, this week

Check out 13 year-old budding artist Tabea Pawar's solo exhibition, this week

Witness the world of art through the eyes of a young teenager, Tabea Pawar. She is all of 13 and the daughter of socialite Jayant and Nicola Pawar. This is Tabea's first exhibition but painting has always been her hobby and passion.

Artist Tabea Pawar (right) poses with her painting at L'orange

"My paintings depict the things I am fond of and it depends on my mood. I prefer not to stick to a particular format either. Hence, you will find a lot of abstracts, paintings of flowers and vases in my paintings," she says.
If you are wondering how she juggles between her school and paintings, she says "Managing school and painting is a piece of cake for me. Painting is my hobby and I indulge in it whenever I have some time. I often take little breaks from my studies as well."

When asked about her ambition, she says, "I love animals a lot so I would like to pursue something that involves animals. But I am not yet sure about my ambition."

While describing her art work, she says, "I have used a lot of acrylic paints, I love the colour black and prefer to use bright colours such as red, yellow and green. My favorite painting includes one I copied from the album cover of English musical artist Jessie J. I was inspired by the clothing and the make-up of the artiste on that cover," she adds.

Till October 3, 11 am to 8.30 pm
At L'orange, first floor, Plexus, above Titan showroom, ITI Road, opposite Anand Park, Aundh.

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