Hyderabad gold heist: Man calls up TV channel and surrenders

Jan 27, 2014, 13:17 IST | Agencies

Apparently, the culprit committed the Rs.5.97 crore gold robbery from a leading jewellery shop in Hyderabad to create a sensation and to draw people's attention, said the police

Hyderabad: Kiran Kumar reached a television channel's office late Sunday and informed the staff that he stole the gold ornaments from Tanishq showroom in Punjagutta.

According to Tanishq management, 15.57 kg gold ornaments and precious stones worth Rs.5.97 crore were stolen.

Telugu news channel TV9 said its team informed the police.

Gold jewellery
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Kumar took the police team to his room in Rasoolpura neighbourhood, where the stolen gold was reportedly found.

Police were questioning Kumar and his two roommates, hailing from Guntur district.

The unemployed Kumar told the channel that he alone committed the theft to create a sensation and to draw people's attention.

Kiran Kumar said he drilled the hole in the rear wall of the shop located in the busy Punjagutta area in the heart of the city. He entered through the hole and broke open the locked table counters and looted the gold ornaments and stones.

He said he was wearing a mask and hand gloves and had also covered his legs with polythene bags. Kiran also sprinkled chilli powder in the shop to avert the police dogs from catching any scent.

However, police suspect Kiran's claim that he alone committed the theft. According to investigating officials, two to three persons might have been involved in the crime.

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